2009 Sustainable Design Competition Award Winners

2009 Award Winners

Overall Excellence – Amber Long and Henry L. Moll, Philadelphia University
The Overall Excellence Award is to recognize the submission which clearly excels in all aspects of sustainable design. The winner of the Overall Excellence Award will receive a cash prize of $1000, and a stipend to travel and attend Greenbuild in November 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona. The winner of the DVGBC Sustainable Student Design Competition Overall Excellence Award goes on to compete against other local chapter winners’ submissions at Greenbuild, where they will have the opportunity to win additional cash prizes.

Daylighting and Lighting – Andrew Chaveas, Philadelphia University
The Lighting Practice sponsored the Lighting and Daylighting Award to recognize the submission that exhibited the most powerful statement of efficiency & sustainability in techniques of natural & supplemental illumination. The Lighting and Daylighting Award includes a cash prize of $250.

Materials and Methods – Michael Anderson and Michael Bonelli, Philadelphia University
The Materials and Methods Award of $250 is to recognize the submission that clearly communicates a utilization of basic sustainable design concepts, systems integration, & advanced materials that promote environmentally conscious design.

Community Integration – Mark Anthony Gushanas, Jr. and Jessica Rotenberger, Philadelphia University
The Community Integration Award of $250 recognizes a submission that demonstrates a sound site response, intent for neighborhood integration, and the ability to serve as an educational model of sustainability for surrounding populations.

People’s Choice – Daniel Cola, Scott Torr, and Stephen Campbell, Philadelphia University
The People’s Choice Award is to recognize the submission that received the most votes from attendees at the DVGBC 2009 SDC awards reception on May 6, 2009. Winners of the other cash prizes were not eligible to receive the award.

Honorable Mention – Frank Chang, Andy Fil, Peixi (Jefferson) Jin, Mt. San Antonio College
The Honorable Mention is to recognize a submission that was a strong finalist in the jury process.


2008 Award Winners

Platinum Award (First Prize):
Muhammad Hanif-Azly and Jeremy Kaltreider,
Temple University

Gold (Second Prize):
David Cremer,
Philadelphia University

Silver (Third Prize):
Dane Danielson and Jason Niebish,
University of Pennsylvania

The Lighting Practice
Innovative Sustainable Design Award:

Jeff Watson,
Drexel University

Community Choice Award:
Andrew Ammaturo,
Drexel University

Honorable Mentions:
Andrea Bornhoft and Gregory Wolfe,
Temple University

Juan C. Viera and James S. McKenna III,
Temple University

Dan Watts,
Community College of Philadelphia

Ivan Merino,
Drexel University

Isaac Southard,
Drexel University

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