Member Spotlight At-A-Glance

Mary Ann Boyer

Mary Ann is the Co-Founder & Principal of Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants and has been a DVGBC Member since 2015. When asked where she could be found on a Saturday afternoon, she said "I can be found outdoors: either hiking, biking, walking the dogs -- usually in the Wissahickon woods." Learn more about Mary Ann! 


Bryan Astheimer

Bryan is a Sustainability Consultant at Re:Vision Architecture and has been a DVGBC Member Since 2012. When asked where he could be found on a Saturday afternoon, he said, "Ideally, Saturdays are spent in constant motion. I like to be active. You might find me along my favorite mica-dusted Wissahickon trail, playing sports, gardening, or snapping-up a 2-year old wild-child lunging for my cell phone while the 5-year old makes a go for the hedge clippers. Alternatively, you might find me on an urban exploration with my daughters. I studied cities and environmental systems in grad school and still like to probe the dynamics of what makes a space a place, and a place thrive or struggle. Additional incentive and motivation for these urban explorations is that they always include a stop at a local eatery that I've been itching to try out." Learn more about Bryan!

Michelle Bennett

Michelle is a Sustainability Manager at the University of Delaware and has been a DVGBC Member Since 2016. When asked to tell something interesting about herself she said, "I used to be a white water rafting guide, on the "Wild and Scenic" designated Chattooga River. That experience opened my eyes to the potential, the needs and the urgency of sustainability. I saw water quality issues, development pressures and natural resource extraction not just degrading an amazing environment; it also degraded our ability to connect people with that environment. You can find nature almost anywhere, but wilderness has something a special appeal in our culture, and once it's perceived to be degraded, it's gone." Learn more about Michelle!