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DVGBC Ambassador Blog Series Part 4: Kristie Kozenewski, LEED AP O+M, BD+C at Re:Vision Architecture

Kristie Kozenewski, LEED AP O+M, BD+C at Re:Vision Architecture
In honor of the approaching Groundbreaker Awards on October 29th, we are posting a series of Building Leaders blog posts highlighting the work of some of our DVGBC Ambassadors. Without the help and support of these individuals, and that of our entire network of members, volunteers, and sponsors, our organization would not have attained the level of growth we've achieved in the past 14 years of being an active U.S. Green Building Council Chapter.

DVGBC Ambassador Program

The objective of the DVGBC Ambassador program is to build the bench of leaders in the green building industry who have a deep and long-term commitment to DVGBC as an organization and the sustainability community as a whole. Participants in the program mobilize and lead volunteer efforts to advance the DVGBC mission through activities such as education, events, advocacy, fundraising, and organizational leadership. Through the program, participants will have a significant impact on the building industry in our region. DVGBC’s goal is to equip Ambassadors with skills that will not only help them during their time in the program, but will help them in their professional and personal lives moving forward.
Ambassador Bio
Kristie Kozenewski, LEED AP O+M, BD+C facilitates the consulting studio at Re:Vision Architecture. Having worked as an interior designer, facilities planner, and sustainability manager at a construction management firm, she brings practical understanding of sustainability from multiple perspectives. Kristie has a BS in Interior Design from Philadelphia University, is Green Advantage Certified, and is a Green Advantage faculty member.  
Kristie has been actively involved in the Delaware Valley Green Building Council since 2008. She was a key collaborator in the development of the DVGBC study curriculum for the LEED Green Associate/ BD+C exams and went on to facilitate multiple study groups.  As Chair of the Metro Philadelphia Educational Programs Committee, Kristie was nominated for the Chapter Volunteer Leader Award for Premier Programmer for Green Build 2010. Additionally, Kristie participated in the Branch Advisory Group and served as Chair of the Metro Philadelphia Advisory Committee.  
For her DVGBC Ambassador Project, Kristie will be implementing a community based project similar to a GreenBuild Legacy Project.


Q&A with DVGBC


Q: What are the biggest challenges in green building today? How has that changed in the past decade?

A: Providing building operators with sufficient tools needed to operate buildings efficiently has been a continued challenge.  The implementation of city-wide energy benchmarking in various cities has made this task easier in recent years.  Supplementing this, the more prevalent use of building-level subsystem metering has been an aid to building operators in identifying potential operational improvements.


Q: What are some of your personal and professional goals for your involvement with DVGBC?

A: Having a positive impact in our city and region.  Also, through my Ambassador project, I look forward to getting to know a new group of people and learning from them. 


Q: How do you incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle?

A: Among many ways, worms eat my garbage.  For some reason garbage fascinates me and I do what I can to limit what goes into landfills.


Q: What is your favorite building or space in the Philadelphia area and why?

A: I’m having a difficult time narrowing down a particular building.  However, I do enjoy the varied nature of Fairmount Park with an endless amount of different things to do.


Q: Would you rather visit the world 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future?

A: The past.  Who knows?!! Maybe I could influence some of the things we are trying to reverse today – like drought or green house gas emissions.


Thank you, Kristie! We very much enjoyed your answers and look forward to your continued involvment with DVGBC. Stay tuned for more chats with our Ambassadors in the coming weeks! If you missed them, have a look at parts one, two, and three of this blog series, as well. 


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