2013 Challenge Pledges

We the People of the Delaware Valley, in order to form a more perfect region and transform our  communities into healthier, more prosperous places to live, work, and learn make a pledge to our community. By November 2013:

Abington Township Department of Public Works will recycle 7,181 combined tons of aluminum, plastics, paper, cardboard, and glass to create 14 direct jobs, prevent 20,840 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions (equivalent to removing 3,817 cars off the road), and save 9,223 cubic yards of landfill space, 620 tons of oil, 75,242 trees, and enough energy to power a 60 watt CLF bulb for 18,197 years and a laptop for 1,813 years

Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council will organize 100 volunteers and students to build 165 high quality/affordable rain barrels by repurposing industrial food grade drums, while diverting 1.8 tons of landfill waste, recycling 381,150 gallons of water, and generating over $6000 in revenues to invest in local green initiatives

Advanced Enviro Systems will help waste generators to divert 1000 (new) tons MSW (cumulative) from landfill / incineration to composting and / or recycling alternatives

Aelux will help clients reduce their annual energy consumption by over 40,000 MWh 

The Affordable Homes Group pledges to build new and remodel existing housing to meet or exceed green building standards of the USGBC, NAHB and others

AIA Philadelphia will recruit 30 member firms to join the AIA 2030 Commitment to create carbon neutral buildings 

Alcom Printing pledges by 2013 to continue recycling 98% of waste, partner with mills that replant at a 4-to-1 ratio, and be landfill-free 

Andropogon will measure the economic, social, and environmental contributions of three significant, public, institutional projects in Philadelphia and publish its results at Greenbuild 2013 

Atkin Olshin Schade Architects will begin every project, regardless of pursuit of green certification, with a charrette to maximize the environmental and cultural sustainability of each project 

APA-PA Chapter-SE Section will educate over 1,000 people and organizations in the Delaware Valley about sustainability through events, programs, and its section blog 

AWeber Communications, Inc. will complete a LEED Silver or Gold-certified corporate headquarters by the end of 2013 

The BarberGale Group will reduce its carbon footprint and energy usage by downsizing its office space 72% (3800 sq ft to 1060 sq ft) and renovating and moving into an existing barn 

Barry Isett & Associates will improve the overall MPG of its 25 vehicle fleet by 20% through a Prius for Clunkers program where older, inefficient vehicles are replaced with hybrid vehicles 

Bentley Systems, Inc., pledges to reduce CO2 emissions by providing employees a TransitChek/RideEco benefit and installing electric vehicle charging stations at several US offices 

Bergmann Associates will have designed and certified over 60 LEED Buildings for our clients and a Net-Zero Prototype Store 

BFW Group will encourage 100% of its clients to utilize sustainable building practices in their new construction, rehabilitation, or retrofit projects

BLT Architects will complete the LEED certification of five buildings with a total area of more than 800,000 SF, plus register another five buildings with over 8,500,000 SF

BluPath will complete design of a rowhouse retrofit to Passive House standard for Habitat for Humanity of Philadelphia 

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson will build 500-square foot demonstration green roof and wall at its office on the 13th floor of 123 S. Broad Street 

Brandywine Realty Trust will achieve 75% recycling and green cleaning, 75 Energy Star Buildings with 14.5M SF of space, 900K of LEED-certified space, and reduce electric costs vs. 2010 by $1.5M+

Bruce E. Brooks & Associates will reduce its collective carbon footprint by commuting by bike and using public transportation, and reducing energy consumption in the office by 20 percent through new lighting, lighting controls, HVAC upgrades and building automation

BuLogics will enable cost effective retrofit installation and management of wireless energy saving solutions in 10,000 multi-dwelling apartment units 

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills pledges to permanently pledge 345 acres to open space, provide organic/biodynamic produce to at least 150 families, utilize wetlands wastewater system for 5 buildings and upcycle 200 clothing items into rugs 

Carole Felton Communications will provide 50+ hours of marketing and branding consultation on sustainability on behalf of Main Line GO Green 

Cedar Run Landscapes will create a showcase of stormwater best management practices at the Zero Energy Home on the Grid Star Campus at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, which will be available for educating the public on green stormwater management techniques

The Center for Environmental Policy of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University will have hosted over 175 sustainability-related public education programs since its inception in 2004 

CertainTeed & Saint-Gobain pledge to avoid consuming 10,000 gallons of gasoline by reduce employee commuting to their Valley Forge & Blue Bell, PA locations

Chanticleer pledges by 2013 to renovate an existing greenhouse structure that will establish greater energy efficiency, including Porous Pave exterior paths and a 24,000-gallon cistern for a greywater irrigation system. This is a continuation of the Garden’s effort to minimize environmental impact through the use of solar technology, green design, and sustainable landscape management practices

The Chemical Heritage Foundation will engage 5,000 visitors with local environmental change via an exhibit & programs

The City of Philadelphia, across city agencies, will employ green building standards for all residential and mixed-use projects receiving city funding 

CivicMob pledges to improve Philadelphia’s economy and environment by empowering businesses, universities, and non-profits to achieve substantial reductions in their environmental impacts and energy bills 

Clarke Caton Hintz will lower its energy and resource consumption and will bolster the staff’s knowledge of sustainability to ensure that the firm’s pledge extends well beyond the next year 

CREW - LV will create a maze with sustainable materials and native plantings for the children of Grace Montessori School in Allentown, PA 

County Line Nurseries, Inc. will provide education on sustainable landscapes to reach 1,000 students in the Delaware Valley 

CPM Housing Group will deliver 1,000 units of green and affordable housing 

DVGBC - Delaware Branch will engage the State of Delaware General Assembly in providing and supporting legislation to create a Delaware Green Building Commission 

Dilworth Paxson, LLP will install aesthetic and size-appropriate recycling bins in each conference room, coffee service area and copy/work station, encourage public transportation and car pooling, and lower shades to reduce energy use 

Duffield Associates will incorporate and document sustainability considerations on 100 percent of their soil, water, and environmental client projects 

DVL Automation will deploy ZeroWire energy harvesting integration to rescue 32% energy use while averting 100 miles of copper wiring and 12,000 batteries, moreover enriching occupant comfort and health 

DVL pledges to assist 12 data centers to achieve LEED certification and save a total of 1 million watts of electrical energy, which equates to turning off all the lights in the Comcast Tower 

ES Design will initiate a dialogue with clients on sustainable solutions for stormwater and site design issues 

ECOtelligent Design will train over 4000 professionals on proper LEED integration strategies, will consult on over 40 LEED projects, 15 LEED Certified, & one LEED track project in the Middle East

The Energy Cooperative will reduce carbon emissions by 16,000 tons by suppling locally-sourced, renewable energy to its members

Energy Coordinating Agency will weatherize 3,220 homes, train 300 men & women, rate 250 homes as Energy Star or LEED certified, improve stormwater management in 200 homes, and earn LEED Gold certification for its Training Center

The Energy Efficient Buildings HUB will support full spectrum energy efficiency retrofits in five regional commercial buildings

Ernst & Young will achieve LEED certification of its Philadelphia office; decrease paper and energy consumption by implementing cloud printing technology; achieve its goal of purchasing 100% recycled content paper and compostable coffee cups; and implement recycling vs. shredding to reduce impact

EwingCole will have over 4 million SF of LEED projects, will increase its LEED professionals to 100, will create a test-bed for for energy & daylight software and will develop a post-occupancy energy database

Fessenden Hall, Inc. pledges to install 1208 solar panels at its facility, producing 256,140 kwh/year and eliminating 84 tons/year of CO2 emissions

The Food Trust will work to expand access to and cultivate a lasting appreciation for fresh, healthy, and local food by working with children in 40 school gardens throughout the Philadelphia region

Forbo Flooring Systems will have transparent, third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations for all its flooring products

Gilbane Building Company will continue to promote and educate our clients, contractors and employees about the benefits of sustainable design and building practices

Gilmore & Associates, Inc. will advocate green infrastructure options to 50 municipalities and municipal authorities as sustainable alternatives to historically gray infrastructure decisions

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce will hosts corporate responsibility and sustainability educational programs for its 5,000 member organizations and the general public

Greenable pledges to get green building products specified and used by architects and builders in 20 new, local green building projects.

Greensaw Design & Build will use reclaimed or salvaged materials in 100% of their building projects

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia will build to LEED Silver standards on all new construction projects

Hanson General Contracting will implement a plan to educate its clients about energy efficiency, and its impact on existing and historic structures

Harkins Builders will implement a sustainabilty and recycling program/policy throughout their organization

Heckendorn Shiles Architects will utilize public transit on 45% of daily commutes, and design office space for over 175 new SEPTA commuters at our Ambler Boiler House transit-oriented development

Hersha Hospitality Group will benchmark and track the energy use of 80+ hotels in Energy Star Portfolio Manager

The International Interior Design Association pledges to educate over 250 aspiring design students in sustainable design practices

In Posse will have completed two net-zero green schools nationally

Intech Construction pledges to develop waste management plans for all projects that divert at least 75% of construction waste from landfills & will publish material recovery data from all projects annually

iSpring will help 5 new clients improve sustainability performance by developing comprehensive sustainability metrics, dashboards and data-driven communications

Jonathan Rose Companies and Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha will eliminate 78,480 annual car trips at the Paso Verde transit-oriented development

Kaiserman Company will reduce energy use across their commercial portfolio by 15% from their 2010 baseline, and achieve Energy Star certification for at least 4 commercial properties

KCBA Architects will achieve LEED Gold certification for two of the largest new high schools in Pennsylvania and continue to develop robust procedures to incorporate sustainable strategies in all of its projects

Keating Environmental Management will participate in the design and implementation of 10 LEED Existing Building, renewable energy and/or energy conservation projects

Kitchen & Associates will double the number of its HERS- Raters, double the number of staff who lead their projects in achieving LEED certification, and equip at least two staff with LEED for Homes accredidation

Knoll, Inc. will reduce the amount of waste landfilled by 5%, taking the East Greenville facility to a greater than 90 % landfill avoidance

KO Angotti will source locally manufactured products and materials for every interior design project

Kramer+Marks will implement design standards into all projects to provide each client with sustainable features and benefits regardless of certification

KSK Architects, Planners, Historians, Inc. will use green building standards in the design and construction of nearly 100 affordable, energy efficient housing units for low to moderate income residents

KSS Architects will adopt a Green Specifications Guide for the entire firm to use as projects are developed to ensure the inclusion of sustainable measures regardless of pursuit of LEED certification

Lafayette College will uphold its Energy Policy and implement a Climate Action Plan to reduce its carbon footprint by 20%

Lehigh Hanson will continue to reduce environmental impacts in our manufacturing processes and sponsor/promote educational events that support resilient construction

The Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network will create a web resource as a platform for communication and collaboration

Liberty Property Trust pledges to certify their 50th LEED building, their 100th Energy Star building, and to deploy smart grid energy optimization/demand response technology in 10 regional buildings

Limeworks.us will have a representative become LEED Green Associate accredited and will develop a clear understanding of how environmentally friendly lime masonry products fit into the equation for receiving LEED credits

Liquid Elements, a division of Stonhard will work towards sustainable & environmentally friendly manufacuring processes

Lutron Electronics will save an estimated 174 GWh of electricity annually by dimming lights throughout the Philadelphia metro area, equal to electricity for 15,000 homes or eliminating 23,500 cars

MaGrann Associates will certify 1,500 LEED Homes, qualify 5,000 homes under Energy Star programs nationwide, and earn LEED Commercial Interiors for their Philadelphia Navy Yard and New Jersey offices

Manko, Gold, Katcher and Fox, LLP will use its legal and engineering staff to partner with its landlord in pursing an Energy Star label for its 400,000 square foot multi-tenant office building

Mannington will continue to exceed its 10 year Department of Energy Better Plants pledge and will pass two significant recycling hurdles: over 21 million pounds VCT recycled & 2 million pounds recycled regional drywall

Mark Group pledges to help 2,013 Delaware Valley homes save energy and money through energy analysis and energy efficiency home improvements

Metcalfe Architecture & Design will partner with the PA Horticultural Society and local schools to promote the use of sustainable design and growth of green education in schools throughout the Delaware Valley

Meyer Design will certify one LEED Silver assisted living facility, two LEED-certified commercial interiors projects, and will offset 100% of its building's energy use with Renewable Energy Credits

PECO will attain LEED certification for 10 of its buildings and save customers more than 1 million MWh with its PECO Smart Ideas programs

PennFuture and Next Great City will continue to organize and help lead the Coalition for an Energy Efficient Philadelphia (CEEP)

PA - DE Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects will challenge their members to design 13 Sustainable SITES qualifying projects

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will plant 250,000+ trees region-wide through its Plant One Million project, grow 250,000+ pounds of food through City Harvest, and clean and green 250 acres of vacant land throughout Philadelphia

Pepper Hamilton LLP will install automatic light sensors and use low-VOC products during office renovations, continue to recycle paper, aluminum, tin and plastic, and uphold its sustainability policy

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) will offer two sustainability-focused educational programs per year at chapter meetings and minimize waste and travel impacts from operations

PIDC pledges to deploy an energy efficiency program for Building 101 at The Navy Yard resulting in 30% energy savings; to increase Navy Yard Shuttle ridership to 1,600 rides a day, reducing vehicle use by 10%; and to deploy $3 million in EnergyWorks Loans to projects generating energy savings of 25%

Philadelphia University will have graduated 150 through its Sustainable Design Program

The Philadelphia Water Department will invest more than $2 billion to initiate the largest green stormwater infrastructure program in the nation

The Philadelphia Zoo will complete the Hamilton Family Children's Zoo and Faris Family Education Center, the first LEED certified building in a zoo in PA

Philip Rosenau Co. will reduce electric use by 10%, refine fleet routing software and launch a customer equipment recycling program, improving the more than 200MT of GHG emissions it reduced in 2012

Practical Energy Solutions will help school, commercial and municipal clients get to an aggregate $3 million in energy savings, and 30 million lbs in CO2 emission reductions on their projects

Project H.O.M.E. pledges that all future buildings will be LEED certified and to reduce the environmental impact of its existing buildings

Re:Vision Architecture will have certified 100 LEED Buildings, 20 of them LEED platinum, and neared certification on a Living Building Challenge project

Renewal pledges to work with its integrated project team of architects, engineers, landscape architects and builders on 5 new sustainable, farm-to-table projects in the Philadelphia region

Resonate, a Philadelphia-based sustainability management firm, will provide 7 internships that will deliver significant educational and practical experience for aspiring sustainability professionals

Resource Dynamics/Green Building Education will have trained over 8,000 people about LEED and green building, and pledges 25 scholarships for Green Advantage Commercial Training

Revolution Recovery will have created 85 jobs in the recycling industry

The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia will replace all current guest room lighting to be 100% LED by October 31, 2013

Roofmeadow will provide enough green roofs from 2012-2013 throughout the Delaware Valley to keep 2.5 million gallons of stormwater out of the municipal sewer systems

Rushforth Solar will heat its building and hot water with no fossil fuels

Sanderson Architectural will volunteer with the borough of Bryn Athyn, PA to design low-income net-zero homes and create their master plan for a sustainable community

Sera Engineering will have been involved in the design and submission to USGBC of one LEED silver hospital and one LEED silver academic medical center

Seslia & Company will help its clients achieve $10 million in energy cost savings

The Sheward Partnership will guide at least four high-performance commercial building projects to seek LEED certification in the new LEED v4 beta program, half of them seeking LEED Platinum certification

Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse will partner with TerraCycle to collect juice pouches and food packaging and repurpose the recycled materials for benches and other items for use at Smith

SMP Architects will have designed, lectured on, written articles about, led public tours of, and managed pro-bono service projects for over 200 activities at K-12 green facilities

Solar States will install 1.5MW of solar on schools in the Philadelphia area by 2015

Spillman Farmer Architects pledges to reduce their paper consumption by 50% thru electronic transfers and filing

The Stone House Group pledges to convert its office to a bottle-free environment; reusable water bottles will be given to Stone House Group employees and their families

Structure Tone, Inc. will renew its commitment to green building practices by constructing 25 million SF of LEED certified projects, diverting 5000 tons of construction and demolition waste

Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia will organize at least 75 businesses in the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partnerships' first full year of working towards advancing the green stormwater infrastructure industry and innovation in the region

Sustainable Oaklyn will support the establishment of Oaklyn, NJ's first, 22-plot community garden

Tague Lumber will continue to offer continuing education classes to architects and education seminars to building professionals about the green building materials available through their six locations

TD Bank will be 2 years away from reaching its 2015 goal of reducing CO2 emissions by one ton per employee from 2008 levels

Temple University pledges to have at least  five LEED-certified buildings designed by November 2013

The Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation will support indoor recycling efforts, improve storm water management practics on site, and construct a boardwalk with local materials on the local Tacony Creek

The Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership will educate and engage 1000 stakeholders and residents across our watershed about watershed protection, stormwater runoff and the need for green infrastructure through outreach, education, and projects

Turner Construction will promote sustainable practice through research, education and project execution and uphold a sustainable culture in its operations

Tutor Perini Building Corp will have begun implementing a plan that will double its number of LEED accredited personnel and double its square footage of green buildings in the region within a year

UJMN Architects + Designers will develop and implement a Sustainable Practices Plan to increase awareness and reduce the firm’s energy consumption, water usage, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions

The University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Health System will finance, build, or operate over 16 new LEED-certified buildings by 2018

University Place Associates will complete construction of 2.0 University Place, Philadelphia's first pre-cert. LEED platinum office building, to build only LEED platinum for new construction, and announce plans for its second LEED Platinum for New Construction office building

Urban Ecoforms will install 250,000 SF of retrofit green roofs

Urban Engineers will make over 100 posts to its social media to promote sustainable design and construction

US Airways pledges to pursue LEED certification for new construction, replace gasoline- and diesel- fueled ground service vehicles with electric vehicles, and expand recycling services during flight and at its facilities wherever appropriate

USA Technologies will make EnergyMiser test kits available to ESCO's, public and private facilities all over the Delaware Valley to benchamrk and reduce energy consumption as much as 46% on vending machines

Veolia Energy Philadelphia will invest $60 million to convert its district energy system to 100% cogeneration fueled green steam, reducing carbon emissions by 70,000 metric tons

W.S. Cumby will deliver 11 LEED NC-certified buildings and near completion of 729 LEED for Homes-certified student housing units & recycle 85% of construction waste on every project as standard practice

West Laurel Hill will increase education and assist twenty-five families with green services as the only certified Green Burial site offering both green cemetery and funeral services in the mid-Atlantic region

Weston Solutions will have initiated construction on their third employee-owned LEED-certified regional office, and will have completed development of its integrated Sustainability Management System

The Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) will continue to support an increase in sustainability courses at the University of Pennsylvania that will allow more students to minor and major in topics related to business and the environment.  IGEL will also promote events that will inspire students to pursue careers in business and sustainability.  IGEL will interface with companies and NGOs to recruit students for internships that focus on business and the enviroment.

Wissahickon Garden Club pledges to “Go Native” by each member planting a native tree or shrub on their property to reduce water consumption, support the local ecology and reduce pesticide use.

Wolfson Architect's pledge of community service for environmental sustainability will boost the capital improvement campaigns of several non-profits and boost Main Line businesses

WRT will have 1000 conversations to broaden and diversify the base of sustainability