DVGBC Greenbuild Partners

DVGBC Greenbuild Partners

Become a DVGBC Greenbuild Partner

  • Submit two sustainable success stories via an online form on the DVGBC website during 2012, and two in 2013.  DVGBC will use these stories to pitch stories to the media, on our website, in newsletters, and in our social media outreach in order to give partner organizations visibility.
  • Agree to mentioning Greenbuild 2013 and your 2013 Challenge pledge twice per year in 2012 on your organization’s website, social media, or newsletters and doing so 5 -10 times in 2013.
  • Attendance at 2 meetings per year of DVGBC Partner Organizations for briefings and discussion
  • Consider a collaboration with another DVGBC Greenbuild Partner
  • Submit your 2013 Challenge via our website by April 15, 2012. DVGBC will list partner organizations and pledges on its website, social media outreach, media communications, and other outreach efforts during the lead up to Greenbuild 2013.

Greenbuild 2013 Bio-Regional Partners

These partners will be determined by DVGBC through an application process, and will be given extra support from USGBC.  It may involve a financial commitment.   In the past, official Bio-Regional Partners have been limited to no more than 20.  The MOU is yet to be determined, but past recognition and support from USGBC, in return for outreach, has included:

  • Recognition on the Greenbuild website, program, and conference materials
  • Recognition during the conference
  • Support from USGBC in promoting the conference


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DVGBC Greenbuild Partners
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