Community Impact Project

The DVGBC Community Impact Project is a volunteer-led initiative begun by Kristie Kozenewski as her DVGBC Ambassador project. The inspiration for the effort came from the Greenbuild 2013 Legacy project. Kristie and her co-chairs established a committee of DVGBC volunteers in 2016. They released a request for concepts and after careful consideration selected New Kensington CDC’s (NKCDC) Frankford Gateway initiative. The two organizations have come together in a collaborative partnership to integrate sustainable and environmental practices into a neighborhood in need of transformation. 

Unlike the 2013 Legacy project, there is not an institutional grant available (Greenbuild contributed $10,000 to underwrite the Smith Playground project). Funds for this project are being raised in a peer-to-peer fashion on the website Causevox, with small and large contributions from individuals as the method for raising money for the project. Please take a moment to read about the Frankford Gateway and make a contribution.